Big Trouble In Little China

They Live

Live @ The Box



Watch That Man (David Bowie Cover)

The Perfect Time To React

Radioactive (Gene Simmons Cover)

Answering Machine

Pussy Galore

Too Much Junkie Business (Heartbreakers Cover)

Kissin’ Time (Kiss Cover)

The Chase Is Better Than The Catch (Motorhead Cover)

It’s A Long Way To The Top (AC/DC Cover)

New York Groove (Kiss Cover)

Radioattiva (Gene Simmons Cover)

Until Wrong Turned Right

Love Me (A Stalker Song)

If You Want To Stay The Night

Let’s Get F***ed Up

Wasted Mary Ann

Mantra (Another Ramones Rip Off)

Old Songs with Honest John Plain

On The Autobahn

Trail Of Graffiti

Such A Shame

New Guitar In Town with Honest John Plain

Where Have All The Good Girls Gone with Honest John Plain

Monotony with Honest John Plain

Fuck Me Mommy

Russina Roulette (Lords Of The New Church Cover)

I Don’t Wanna Be With You